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Digipuncher is a time and attendance solution that registers punches from time clocks, mobile app or landlines. Calculates total regular hours, time and half, double time, meal penalty, vacation and sick accumulation according to Puerto Rico labor law and it can be configured with foreign laws as well. Filled with reporting features to make the most use of the data. Includes five level of users: administration, human resources, supervisors, managers, and employee. There are no extra fees for user access to the application.

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Transform your time and attendance data into payroll. Calculates deductions such as FICA, Medicare and PR Tax. Deductions are customly defined by the user. Capability for Direct Deposit or Check Printing. Includes monthly, trimestral and annual reporting. The client may use our web application to process their payroll in-house or our staff will perform the data entry of pre-approved payroll data and transmit the reports to the designated payroll oficial.

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DigiPuncher Mobile

Do you have employees working on remote locations? These employees can clock-in or out their hours using one of two alternatives. The DigiPuncher mobile app reports the date, time and GPS coordinates of the punch. The application is available for iphone and android phones. Alternatively, employees can use a preapproved landline to call and report their hours. Punches generated from a non-approved phone will be marked as a failed punch.

iClock Server

iClock server allows the users to remotely manage their time clock. Transfer employees from one time clock to the other. Verify if the employee is registered in the time clock. Activate failed punch photos as an actual punch from the employee. Synchronize the time clock with the database and much more.

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CPA Forms

Transform your annual payroll data into valid W2 or 480 forms. We are an approved PR Treasury supplier. Capability for batch import from any payroll system. Safely batch transmit the data to PR Treasury and IRS. Easily ammend your forms in case of an error.

ID Cards

Obtain a high quality plastic clip-on ID card. The card can be printed one-sided or double sided. Send us a rough sketch of the desired art and we will send you a professional looking template. Our staff will visit your facilities and photograph your personnel for an additional fee.

DigiPuncher FR Mobile

A mobile application with face recognition feature. The cell phone scans the person's face and matches it with the database to assign the clock in. It has the ability to scan group photos, in case of work brigades. The app makes the tracing and sends the photo and the clock ins to DigiPuncher as well as the recognition percentage of each person and the geo-location of the punch. The system is able to recognize the face even if the user is wearing accessories, such as masks, glasses or goggles.

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Work Codes

Tasks are assigned a work code. When employees clock-in their hours they enter the appropriate work code as well. The software tracks the man-hours utilized in each task. Multiple reports show how man-hour are used by employee, period, task and much more. The data is imported to the clients financial software.

Project Time Management

Each location is assigned a project ID and a weekly budget of man hours. Software calculates the man hours consumed per project and the percentage of budgeted hours. The employees sick and vacation time accumulation is proportionally assigned to the projects worked during the month. Includes graphical dashboards to easily track the data.

Goverment Time and Attendance

Goverment clients have special needs regarding time and attendance managment. We have designed a software specifically catered to those needs. Track approved compensatory time for your employees and mark them as federal or state compensatory time. Our software has been designed to be compliant with the Federal Labor Department.

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