Web-Based Time and Attendance

Daily Punches

Easily manage daily punches, enter leave of absence information, comments and much more. Daily punches are transferred automatically into the time card. The system calculates hours and penalities according to rules set by user.

Work Policies

Establish rules for employees hours calculations such as: overtime, vacation and sick leave accrual, and applicable penalties. Establish as many work policies as needed for your organization.

Leave of Absence

Filter Leave of Absence information to create custom reports. Enter or delete leave of absence information with a click of a button. Enter leave of absence information by employee groups.

Weekly Totals

Convert time and attendance information into weekly, bi-weekly or bi-monthly totals. Use this information to feed your payroll service or better yet use ours. Filter data at your convenience.

Employee and Supervisor Roles

If desired empower your employees and supervisors to help manage time and attendance tasks. Each role can be customized to establish the amount of involvement allowed by management.


The system is filled with reporting to make the most of your data. Access information such as: demographics, weekly, monthly or yearly totals, christmas bonus hours, and much more.