We currently use iClock 880 and the iClock UFace for access control and time and attendance.


Biometric readers with 3.5” color LCD screens. They provide audio-visual messages upon acceptance or rejection of fingerprints. Unit has Spanish and English bilingual functionality. Attendance logs can be downloaded to a pen drive. The reader has an integrated camera with capability to take a photo if a clock-in fails, this makes it easy to identify if an employee did attempt to clock and was unsuccessful. The photo is uploaded to the system along with the day and time of the occurrence. The supervisor decides whether to activate the clock in using the failed photo information.

The clock ins will appear in the system in real time, no need to download them. The employee does not have to enter any code to clock in, just place a finger previously enrolled (up to 10). The employee has to be present to clock out, no one, absolutely no one can clock out for somebody else, only authorized Human Resources personnel can add clock ins to the system.

iClock UFace

Biometric readers with fingerprint and facial recognition function. The employee must stand facing the reader and it will recognize the employee's face (previously recorded on the unit). Upon recognition the clock in will be uploaded to the DigiPuncher system. The reader has functionalities such as: task codes, bilingual, touch screen, personalized messages and capability to take photo at the time of a failed punch (only with the fingerprint).

The reader also has contactless palm recognition function. The employee will simply place the hand in front of the sensor and the reader will recognize it and accept the punch. The hand must be pre-enrolled on the reader.